University Students


Stanford Medical Centre has a medical centre at the University of Brighton based in the Cockcroft Building.


Student Registration

To register with the Cockcroft Surgery you will need to complete our online registration form 

You will also need to show us your student ID card as proof of identification   

Please note, that your address needs to be in Brighton or Hove to register (BN1, BN2 + BN3 only)

International Students from outside the UK will also need to complete the registration form (and also provide their vaccination history from their previous doctors in addition to the above

Useful Information

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Online Services

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Opening Times

Term time 08:00 – 12:00 Monday to Friday

Outside these times you will be seen at Stanford Medical Centre

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Routine appointments can be made with a Doctor or Nurse, usually within 1 or 2 days.

If for any reason you are unable to keep an appointment, don't forget to ring and let us know in good time

For further information please visit our Appointments page

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Repeat Prescriptions

If you are on Regular Medication we can arrange for your Repeat Prescriptions to be picked up from a local Chemist. Please allow at least 5 working days for your prescription to be processed in this way.
Please see the prescriptions section of this website for ordering repeat medication.

We do not take requests by telephone.

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Out of Hours

If you become unwell “Out of Hours”, the first point of contact for emergency medical advice is the NHS 111 service (call 111). You will be given advice from a Doctor and if appropriate, be asked to attend the Accident & Emergency Centre at the County Hospital.

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Medical Certificates

If you are unwell and are absent from the University for more than 7 days, with a viral or flu type illness, you might be required to obtain a medical certificate from your GP, provided that you have made contact with them during your illness.

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Holiday Periods

If you need to see a GP when your return home during your holidays, please ask to be seen as a Temporary Resident. Please do not register as a permanent patient elsewhere, as you will need to complete the registration process with us again on your return to University.

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Sexual Health

Our GPs and Practice Nurse are all available to provide routine advice regarding your sexual health and contraception. We also provide Coil and implant fittings, Chlamydia screening and Emergency Contraception Services should you require them.

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Travel Advice

Our Practice Nurses are also available to provide you with health advice for your overseas holiday. In addition to giving you advice about vaccinations, they will also talk to you about how to stay healthy when abroad, particularly when traveling to third world countries. In some instances where the vaccinations are not provided through the NHS, we will need to refer you to a local travel clinic.

Please seek advice at least 6 weeks before traveling.

For further information please visit out Travel page

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Travel Medicals

Some students obtain work overseas during the long vacation. Organisations such as Camp America and CCUSA ask for a Medical Questionnaire and occasionally a Medical Examination. This service is over and above what is provided through the NHS and a charge will be made (please contact the Surgery for up to date charges). We will need at least 10 working days to organise the completion of these forms and any examination that may be required.