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Chronic Illness Management

The practice runs a range of services for patients with conditions such as asthma, diabetes and ischaemic heart disease.

Patients are encouraged to be actively involved in their own care and the practice offers advice and monitoring together with access to specialist services where appropriate. These conditions warrant an annual review with the nurses.

Arrangements can be made with the local authority for the safe disposal of needles and other sharps for diabetic patients.

Call Brighton & Hove City Council on : 01273 290 000

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First Contact Practitioners

The Role of First Contact Practitioners (FCPs) in primary care is to assess patients with soft tissue, muscle and joint pain and to decide on the most appropriate management pathway

FCPs are physiotherapists with expertise in the assessment and management of Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. They may also be known as Advanced Practice physiotherapist (APP) or MSK practitioners

Contact the surgery on 01273 557411 to book an initial telephone appointment.

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Microsuction Clinic

The Microsuction Clinic is a locally commissioned service for patients in Brighton and Hove.

Microsuction involves a microscope and small suction machine to remove debris from the ear canal. This debris can block the ear, making it difficult to hear, or may become infected. In some patients washing out the ears (syringing), is not appropriate and therefore microsuction is an alternative treatment.

The procedure is noisy and can occasionally cause some mild discomfort, but is a safe procedure which helps to remove wax blockages and can treat infections. More severe or recurrent ear infections will often benefit from microsuction to remove the infected debris.

Our clinics our run by Dr Tom Whitfield, Dr Sarah McGuire and Ms Melanie Oakley. 

This clinic requires a referral from your GP Surgery and can be completed by a doctor or a nurse. Once we have received your referral we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

To book a follow up appointment or for any queries please contact us on 01273 557411.

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You can then book in for your first appointment through by phone on 01273 664794

Register your pregnancy with the hospital on the My Pregnancy Matters website

The midwife service no longer operates from Stanford Medical Centre. All appointments have been relocated to Hollingdean Children's Centre, Brentwood Road. BN1 7DY

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Minor Surgery

The practice undertakes a wide range of minor surgery procedures.

Your doctor will refer you if a procedure is considered necessary. Please note that for legal reasons, anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Find information and prices 

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Vasectomy Community Clinic

The SMC Community Vasectomy clinic is an NHS service currently running at Stanford Medical Centre.

We provide a high quality, cost effective NHS vasectomy service in a primary care setting. The vasectomy procedure is available to all patients not just those of Stanford Medical Centre but for all those living within the Brighton & Hove area.

The vasectomy service is carried out by Dr Patel who is a member of the British Association of No Scalpel Vasectomists (BANSV).

If you are interested in having this vasectomy procedure please make an appointment with your GP to arrange a referral. Once your referral has been received, you will be contacted directly to arrange an appointment. For any queries, please call 01273 557411

Here we aim to to have the procedure completed with 18 weeks of receiving your referral. Please note the consultation and the procedure are carried out at separate appointments.

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Wellbeing Support

Getting support for your emotional wellbeing in your GP surgery

Do you have a diagnosed mental illness, or are having difficulties with your mental health and wellbeing?

Emotional Wellbeing Services are now available in many GP surgeries across Sussex, to offer you information, advice, guidance and support.

How to get support

Contact your GP surgery. If appropriate, you may get referred to a Mental Health Support Coordinator, who will contact you to discuss the options of support available.

This could include one-to-one support, useful resources, and signposting to the other services available in your local area.

Other support available

Help is available if you are experiencing a mental health crisis, are worried about a family or friend, or want to find other services available in Sussex.

Learn more on the Sussex Partnership website

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NHS Right to choose

The NHS ‘Right to Choose’ scheme allows patients to make choices about the services commissioned by NHS bodies and to increase accessibility for certain specialities, enabling you to participate fully in your own healthcare decisions.

The NHS ‘Right to Choose’ scheme allows patients a choice of one provider and does not allow the patient to be referred to multiple providers for the same specialty. It also prevents a further or re-direction of referral once this choice has been made. 

To help you make that choice you should look at all the information that is available about that provider – waiting list length, CQC Inspection reports, where and how you are seen for outpatient appointments and treatment. Waiting times change frequently as does treatment options available and new providers become available and we are not responsible for these changes.  You may get seen sooner for a diagnosis but treatment may have longer wait than another provider.  We will  process the referral based on the information at the time and have no control of the provider chosen changing their processes.

There are also exceptions where you don’t have the right to choose, these are the main ones:

•    Maternity services
•    Already been seen at a hospital
•    Cancer treatment
•    GP feels that your choice want provide the right care and treatment for you

HealthWatch have a lot of information on their website.